Spanish III – Lesson Plans
August 23 - 27, 2009

Warning:  These plans are tentative and may change at the teacher’s discretion.  Unless you are absent, always do the assignment on the board if it differs from the one listed on this plan.  To see previous week's plans, go to resources and click on the links.

1.  Discuss results for REPASO TEST
2.  Review vocab p. 16 by Dibújalo game.
3.  Discuss:  Preterite of regular verbs, patty cake competition for review
4.  Review:  Vocab p. 18 w/ Around the world game
5.  Review preterite of spelling changes verbs
6.  Do Act. 2, p.17, Act. 6, p. 19 and Act. 19
Tarea:  Practice workbook pages 1-1, 1-2 (7 and 8).  Study vocab and synonyms on quizlet.
1.  Check tarea
2.  Cultura:  Discuss pictures on p. 21, in Spanish
3.  Read p. 22-23, have students present vocabulary
4.  Audio Act. 1 y 2 p. 22, 23
5.  Read and discuss p. 24 and 25, answer questions 1-4 Act. 3.
6.  Improvisation:  Have students create and act out their unique endings.
Tarea:  Find websites for 5 Hispanic national parks and then choose one that you would like to visit and email them to me.  Find a good youtube site in Spanish for that park.  Be able to talk about it in Spanish.  (Belize and Brazil are not included!).  Workbook pages 9-10. Study vocab and synonyms on quizlet.
1.  Check pwk 9-10
2.  Discuss:  Results of national parks (p. 27, p. 35)
3.  Review preterite: Preterite of stem changing –ir verbs and i to y verbs  
4.  Preterite song
5.  Review vocabulary:  Write out Act. 4 and 5 p. 26
6.  Oral practice:  Act. 6 and 7 p. 26 and 27
7.  Cultura:  Los parques nacionales.  Read and discuss p. 27
Tarea:  Write a composition about a pretend camping trip to a national park in a Hispanic country last summer.  Talk about the park, where it is, and about your adventure.  Discuss the scenery, who went with you, when you went, weather, activities, supplies you needed etc.  Write 15 to 20 sentences.  Must be typed.  Study vocab and synonyms on quizlet.
1.  Peer editing of compositions
2.  Review:  Preterite of stem changing –ir verbs.
3.  Oral practice:  Act. 20 p. 33
4.  Written practice:  Act. 14
5.  Audio Act. 15 (textbook)
6.  Improvisaciones:  Una aventura desastrosa (out do your compañero!)
Tarea:  Study vocab on pages 16-25.  Finish PWK pages to 1-7.  Correct composition
1.  Collect compositions
2.  Correct pwk pages
3.  Quiz chapter 1-1
4.  Read p.  36-39
Tarea:  Study vocab and synonyms on quizlet.  Review grammar notes..    
Spanish III – Lesson Plans
Aug 31 - Sept. 4, 2009

Warning:  These plans are tentative and may change at the teacher’s discretion.  Unless you are absent, always do the assignment on the board if it differs from the one listed on this plan.

1.  Discuss and review: Syllabification using
2.  Board practice breaking up words into different syllables and finding the stress.
3.  Discuss verbs that require indirect object pronouns (FALTAR, GUSTAR, ENCANTAR, INTERESAR, IMPORTAR)
4.  Read and discuss Las Peliculas p. 10
5.  Improvisations:  Act. 17 (group activity and presentations - 3 min prep only)  
Tarea:   Continue review of vocabulary on quizlet.  Study verb list on resources, read p. 2-13.  
1.  Review:  Use of  adjectives, placement/ possessive adjectives
2.  Do Act. 19 (graded activity)
3.  Audio Activity:  Para Empezar 1 and 2
4.  Review:  Gender of special nouns
5.  Review:  Verb list of Spanish II (Dibújalo)
6.  Review verb conjugations:  ESCOGER, RECOGER, PROTEGER
7.  Review:  Stem changing verbs
8.  Oral presentations
Tarea:  Do a rough draft for movie review or a postcard from a place you visited this summer.
1.  Read p. 2, 3, y 5
2.  Discuss Act. 1
3.  Piensa rápido:  Complete the phrase Act. 2
4.  Improvisations:  Act. 3, p.3
5.  Audio act. 4 (graded activity)
6.  Review and discuss:  Stem changing verbs p. 5
7.  Act. 7 p. 7 (graded activity)
8.  Finish presentations
Tarea:  Study for quiz tomorrow
1.  Quiz:  Para Empezar Prueba 1
2.  Read Días especiales p. 8 and answer questions 1-6 for Act. 13
3.  Discuss:  Días especiales.  Discuss some cultural celebrations like quinceañeras, prom etc.
4.  Improvisations:  Invitations to special events.  Decline or accept
5.  Charades:  From Spanish 2 verb list
6.  Peer editing of compositions
Tarea:  Correct compositions to turn in.  Read and prepare p. 10.  Be able to discuss your favorite movies in Spanish.  
1.  Warm up:  Journal activity.  Write 10 sentences about your favorite movie.
2.  Discutir:  Prueba 1 Para Empezar
3.  Review:  verbs like gustar
4.  Improvisations:  Going to the movies
5.  Review:  Possessive pronouns
6.  Watch:  La Catrina episode 1, 2
Tarea:  Study for quiz on 09/09.  Do practice workbook pages 1, 2, 3, 4.                



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