Spring Semester Biology- 2015

January 5-6, 2016: Seating chart (new class introduction), discuss syllabus, Evolution introduction, Evolution ppt notes (pt 1), Extreme adaptations ppt (class participation), Natural selection demo ppt, Evolution of the hand activity.

January 7-8, 2016: Review Day 1 Evolution concepts, Discuss evolution of the hand activity, Evolution time line quiz, Evolution notes (pt.2), Homologous worksheet, Strange fossil activity.

January 11-12, 2016: Discuss Strange Fossil activity, Discuss quiz, review evolution notes part 3, evolution notes part 3, homologous/evol bubble mat worksheet

January 13-14, 2016: Complete evolution notes, discuss review sheet, set up writing assignment

January 15-19, 2016: Evolution unit test

January 20-21, 2016: Discuss Evolution unit test, Intro. Taxonomy unit, Taxonomy ppt notes, Dichotomous Key ppt discussion, Dichotomous key assignment

January 22-25, 2016: Taxonomy review, Taxonomy quiz, Virus video, Virus ppt notes, How virus' work video, virus question sheet, complete dichotomous key assignment

January 26-27, 2016:Review Taxonomy/Viruses, Taxa/Kingdom quiz, Kingdom worksheet, Bacteria ppt notes, Virus/Bacteria wksht, **Assign Infectious Disease**

January 28-29, 2016: Review Bacteria, Protist ppt notes, work on Infectious Disease poster and prepare presentation

February 1-2, 2016: Review Taxonomy units, Protist ppt. notes, Day one of poster presentations

February 3-4, 2016: *Nat'l Signing Day* (3rd),**Blitz day (4th) Fungi ppt. notes, Ven diagram activity

February 5 2016: Same as Feb 3rd

February 8-9, 2016: Review for Taxonomy test

February 10-11, 2016: Taxonomy test

February 12-16, 2016: Go over exams- discuss make up policy, Begin plant unit, Plant ppt notes through leaf morphology, leaf morphology wksht, study for leaf quiz

Feb 17-18, 2016: Plants day 2; Review plant organs, continue plant notes (photosynthesis to roots/stems), review for quiz, take leaf quiz, mosses/liverworts wksht

Feb 19-22: Review photosynthesis/roots/stems, discuss quizzes/averages, plant notes (parts of the flower), flower video w/questions

Feb 23-24,2016: Review all plant notes, Flower dissection lab, stoma wksht, complete plant notes

Feb 25-26,2016: Review all plant notes, Station review question activity (grps of 3)

Feb 29-Mar 1, 2016: Review for plant test, review sheet w/notes and textbook

Mar 2-3, 2016: Plant test

Mar 4-7, 2016: Discuss Test, TELPAS writing assignment

Mar 8-9, 2016: Begin Body Systems Unit, Body Systems intro, notes (homeostasis), Homeostasis Lab.


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