Fall Semester Biology
8/25-26/2014: Seating Charts, class introduction, class structure, scope and sequence, introduce notebooks (interactive), lab safety discussion, lab equipment (sketch and label function), lab safety quiz.  HW; print student survey and complete, remind101 accounts.

8/27-28/2014: Review lab equipment, discuss/take lab safety quiz, 'What is biology?', Characteristics of life ppt., Stations lab.

8/29-9/2/2014: Review lab equipment, Scientific Method ppt., 'Sequencing Sci. Method' wksht, 'Conclusion/Inference' wksht.,  HW: Any worksheet not completed.

9/3-4/2014: Review Characteristics of Life, Turn in 3 worksheets from previous day, ID Controls and variables, Metric system ppt., Metric system wkshts, graphing discussion and work. **Sophmore class meetings**

9/5-8/2014: Warm up (lab equipment review), Check metric mania wksht.  Turn in, 'ID Control and Variable, Conclusion/Inference wkshts, Introduce graphs and data tables- begin graphing exercises.  Hand out review sheet.

9/9-10/2014: Warm up, Scientific processes test, Ecology vocabulary defined.

9/11-12/2014: Go over Scientific Processes Unit Test, Begin Ecology Unit- Intro video/discussion, Ecology ppt/notes, Vocabulary sheet, Symbiosis practice sheet (ind).

9/15-16/2014: Warm up- Define Ecology. How do organisms obtain energy?  Review Ecology notes.  Discuss Ecology flow charts and symbiosis wkshts.  Review Symbiosis- take quiz.  Abiotic/Biotic factors wksht.  Food web wksht.  4-8 food web work.  Ecology vocabulary list- define terms 1-10.  Reflection: make a food web w/ 8-10 organisms.

9/17-18/2014: Warm up: Construct a food web using 8-10 organisms.  Biome introduction video.  Biome notes discussion.  Make additional notes on Biomes.  Pyramid of Energy worksheet (ind), KESAB water watch.

9/19-22/2014: Warm up: List Abiotic/Biotic factors in a pond environment.  Succession ppt. w/ notes.  Complete Kesab water watch assignment.  Predator/prey worksheet.

9/23-24/2014: Cycles ppt. w/notes.  Cycles labelling worksheet (grp).  Begin 'Great Australian Rabbit Disaster' Case study.

9/25-26/2014: Population Density Lab.  Hand out Ecology review sheets.

9/29-30/2014: Ecology Unit test.

10/1-2/2014: Discuss Ecology Unit test.  Biochemistry Introduction.  Chemistry of Life ppt w/ notes.  Organic Chemistry notes.  Molecular Structure Worksheet. Begin, 'You are what you Eat' assigned.

10/3-6/2014: 'You are what you eat' calculations, complete chapter vocabulary, ch. 2.2, 2.3 section questions

10/7-8/2014: Organic Chem notes, discuss 'you are what you eat', Milk Lab w/write up

10/9-10/2014: Carbohydrate Quiz.  Complete, 'You are what you eat'.  Complete Biochem Molecule chart.

10/7-8/2013: Warm up- name the elements in each organic molecule we have discussed.  Review identification of organic compounds.  Protein Quiz.  'Proteins as enzymes' ppt.  Hand out review sheet.

10/13-14/2014: Biochemistry test.

10/15-16/2014: Discuss Biochemistry test.  Begin Cells unit. Cells video/discussion. Microscope introduction.  Animal/Plant cell coloring sheet.  

10/15-16/2014:  Review History of the microscope, Cell theory, microscope parts.  Cell function ppt notes.  Cell component reference booklet.  Microscope quiz.  Complete animal/plant labelling/coloring.

10/20-21/2014: Warm up:  Name 3 cell organelles and their function OR location.  Cell processes ppt w/notes. E-lab microscope lab.  Microscope quiz.

10/20-21/2014: Complete 'Cell function reference booklet', Complete cell coloring sheets.  Complete Pizza hut analogy wksht.

10/22-23/2014: Warm up: Draw/label Animal or plant cell.  Cell Component reference booklet.  Complete chapter 3 vocab.  Beaker osmosis practice ppt.  Osmosis practice worksheet.

10/24-27/2014:  Onion, cheek, elodea lab, cell membrane notes (student print off), complete cell reference booklet.  Computer lab assignments- Vocab practice, cell structure quiz, Cells Alive @home.

10/28-29/2014:Cell organelle review, Lab review/discussion, Cell membrane processes ppt/practice,

10/30-31/2014: Pizza hut analogy, cell parts/membrane/processes review.

11/3-4/2014:Review: go over review sheet, cell organelle quiz, cell labelling quiz.

11/5-6/2014: Cell Organelle Unit test

11/7-10/1/2014: Go over Cell function/processes test.  Begin DNA Unit.  DNA Replication video.  DNA Replication notes ppt.  DNA Structure worksheet.  DNA molecule coloring sheet. Ch. 8.1,8.2,8.3 notes and section assessment q's.

11/11-12/2014: DNA Replication quiz.  Cell Cycle notes ppt.  Cell Cycle video.  *Complete DNA Structure wksht and coloring sheet.

11/13-14/2014: Review Cell Cycle notes.  Review DNA Replication quiz.  DNA Replication questions.  Cell Cycle video/work sheet.  Mitosis booklet, label onion cells, 'mitosis in real time' video,

11/17-18/2014: Strawberry DNA lab, review for DNA/Cell cycle Unit test

11/19-20/2014: DNA/Cell Cycle Unit test

11/21/2014: Biological Thanksgiving assignment (green only)

12/1-2/2014: Go over tests.  Begin Protein synthesis- notes on ppt. video, label worksheet, DNA/RNA/Protein synthesis worksheet

12/3-4/2014: Review protein synthesis ppt./notes.  Protein synthesis summary.  Mutation ppt. notes.  Protein synthesis practice.

12/5-8/2014: Review Protein Synthesis.  Update mutation notes. Elf assignment.

12/9-10/2014: Protein synthesis review sheet out.   

12/11-12/2014: Mid-term review sheet out, protein synthesis essay.

12/15-19/2014: Mid-term review/mid term tests

1/???/2013: New seating chart. Discuss mid-terms; how to calculate grades. Genetics Unit introduction: Meiosis ppt. w/notes.  Meiosis/karyotype questions.  Meiosis stage identification wksht.


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