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Students and Parents: Please read to the end of this page.

Contact Information
Ms. Owens
Teacher / HS English
The Woodlands High School
Conroe ISD
TWHS Main Campus: (936)709-1200
If you find that you have questions or concerns outside of class, please e-mail* me. I do not check email after 3:00 or on weekends. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply (or the next school day if emailing over the weekend). In your email, please include:
1) student's name and class period;
2) brief (1-2 sentence) explanation;

If you would like to talk by phone, please include:
* best method to reach you;
* best time to call.

*All email communication should reflect formal tone and professionalism.

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2016-17 Schedule
1st Block - English II Level
2nd Block - English II Level
3rd Block - English II Level
4th Block - Conference

5th Block - English II Level
6th Block - Conference
7th Block - English II Level
8th Block - English II Level

What this website IS:
* Another resource to help you stay informed (parents and students alike).
* A guideline and a reference point for you to find important class information.
What this website IS NOT:
* It is NOT a substitute for paying attention in class.
* It is NOT replacement for keeping up with your schedule and assignments.

Do: be on time to class, and be prepared with your assignments ready to turn in on or before the due date. (You are expected to be seated and ready to begin class by the sound of the tardy bell.)
Don’t try to negotiate with your instructor about the terms of the late policy. It is non-negotiable.
Do: drop off late work at the front office where it will be date/time stamped and placed in my faculty mailbox.
Don’t interrupt your teacher’s classes if you need to turn in late work. Turn it in at the front office.
Do: Be organized and responsible; do ALL of your own work.
Don’t: Make excuses or attempt to discuss your personal 'situation' during class instruction.

* Extra-curricular activities are never an excuse for incomplete work. There is a reason why they are considered extra. ACADEMICS come first! If you are absent, it is your responsibility to understand the terms and penalties related to the late work policy or to submit your completed assignment early. It is also your responsibility to keep up with quizzes or tests if you are absent.
Late Policy:
Be sure you have familiarized yourself with the new TWHS Grading and Late Work Policy (2015-16). It contains important information pertaining to penalties for turning in late assignments. This can severely impact your grade if you repeatedly turn in late work. Be sure you understand how it applies to you. Regardless of the reason for your absence, ALL late work will incur a penalty.
Definition of an on-time assignment: an assignment turned in when the teacher asks for it.
Cell Phone Use: Cell phones can be a great academic resource, but they can also be an intrusive force in the classroom, distracting the student from being able to fully engage in class activities. Phone use, such as texting, is not only disrespectful to the instructor, it also disrupts the academic environment for students seated nearby. Unless you are entering a reminder on your calendar, your phone should be set to airplane mode or turned off and secured in a backpack or purse for the duration of the class period. (Clocks are displayed in various locations around the room if you need to check the time.) In this class, we will practice personal discipline and courtesy. Therefore, TEXTING ANYONE (friends, parents, etc.), USING SOCIAL MEDIA, taking PHOTOS in the classroom and / or ANY OTHER NON-ACADEMIC / UNAPPROVED USE OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE DURING CLASS TIME will be considered DISRESPECTFUL and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

TO PARENTS: It is my intention to provide an emotionally safe and peaceful environment while students are in class. Thanks to today's technology, students rarely have a break from the trials and tribulations of their personal lives outside of the classroom. Typical high school drama also finds its way into the students' lives via social media, texting, and Twitter. Therefore, please refrain from expecting your student to reply to text messages during class. Students who attempt to use their phones for ANYTHING other than authorized classwork will be subject to disciplinary action. This includes returning a text to a parent.

*Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Level E (RECOMMENDED)
(*Vocabulary book available for $12 via the Web Store or by paying $12 to the finance office on campus. Students will show me the receipt with their name on it, and I will give them their hardcopy workbook.)

Research Links
Gale Database
Grammar Practice Websites
Parts of Speech

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For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator at 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, Texas 77304; (936) 709-7752.