Welcome to Mrs. Rogers-Wilson's Class
                                WORLD HISTORY AND US History                    
TWHS (936) 709-1200

World History - Periods 1,2,5,6
US History - Period 4,8
Conference Periods - 3,7

Tutorial Times:
By Appointment Only
Monday-Friday 7:00-7:20am and 2:35-3:00pm

World History Scope and Sequence:
                                                                                        Era 1: The Ancient World                
                                                                                        Era 2: Medieval Civilizations
                                                                                        Era 3: Discovery and Change                     
                                                                                        Era 4: Monarchs to Revolutions
                                                                                        Era 5: Emerging Modern World    
                                                                                        Era 6: Age of Modern Wars
                                                                                        Era 7: The Modern World                                         
US History Scope and Sequence:

                                                                                        Unit 1: Freedom Week
                                                                                        Unit 2: Westward Expansion
                                                                                        Unit 3: Gilded Age / Industrialization & Urbanization
                                                                                        Unit 4: Progressive Era
                                                                                        Unit 5: American Expansion
                                                                                        Unit 6: World War I
                                                                                        Unit 7: The Roaring Twenties
                                                                                        Unit 8: Great Depression & New Deal
                                                                                        Unit 9: World War II
                                                                                        Unit 10: Post War & the 1950's
                                                                                        Unit 11: The 1960's
                                                                                        Unit 12: Civil Rights
                                                                                        Unit 13: Vietnam War
                                                                                        Unit 14: 1970's & 1980's
                                                                                        Unit 15: 1990 - Present Day     
The syllabus for World History and US History are available under the "downloads" link.

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