Peer Mediation Program TWHS
Sponsored by
The Community Associations of The Woodlands, Neighborhood Service Department
Campus Watch Program
The Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County.
Contact information:
Cathy Huft
Jeff Spoon



The Peer Mediation Program provides students with a way to reach an agreement in an effort to help resolve a dispute, settle an argument, or end a conflict. It allows students to reach the agreement they want rather than settle for an agreement decided by somebody else; this process is usually about 70% effective.

Participation in mediation is voluntary and confidential. Mediators will meet the disputants, listen impartially to both sides of the problem, focus on the key issues, and help the individuals in conflict arrive at their own solution to their problem.  Mediators will not be judges or disciplinarians: they will not tell disputants what to do or how to solve their problems.

An agreement, once reached, must be acceptable to both parties. Mediation can be an option to other disciplinary action or in conjunction with other action.

Currently mediations will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Conference room 8, upstairs grade level office. (we currently have three mediators with early release)

Mediators have been trained and will have adult supervision by either TWHS - Mr. Jeff Spoon, Cathy Huft, or Susan Johnston of The Community Associations of The Woodlands.


Who can refer students?

Principals, Counselors, Teachers, Campus Officer, and other students. We are very flexible and will go with the consensus to start with only a few of the groups and add others as we go.

What type of cases should be allowed in mediation?

The rule is if it’s illegal, mediation is not an option. However, it is a good idea to send students who have been in an altercation and have returned to the campus through the mediation process to prevent escalation of the problem.

What are common types of cases?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend difficulties
Poor sportsmanship
Racial tension
Accusations of stealing or damaging another’s property


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