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PSAT Scores Are In

Results for the 2019 PSAT Test are now posted on College Board and in Naviance Student.

Students may access their scores in Naviance by going to About Me>My Stuff>Test Scores

To obtain a detailed copy of your PSAT score report, you will need to log in to College Board.  Please see which scenario below applies to you and follow the directions.

  1. You created a College Board account BEFORE taking the PSAT in October 2019. For example, if you took the Redi-Step assessment in junior high, took SAT as part of Duke TIP program, or participated in a previous administration of the PSAT, you would have received a score report with your access code and possibly set up an account at that time. THIS ALSO INCUDES SIGNING UP FOR AP TESTS THIS FALL—you already have an account. If you have created an account with College Board before taking the PSAT in October, 2019, be careful not to create a second account. This will put your data in two places and you could have difficulty obtaining scores and will have to contact College Board for a reconciliation of the two accounts.

a.) Go to College Board website

b.) Log into your account using the username and password you set when the account was created. If you do not remember it, click the “I forgot my password/username” link. There is a chance that the email used to set up your account was your school assigned email. If you do not use this email and/or do not remember how to access it, then you will need to call College Board to get your log in. Then, using this log in info, go to your account and change your email.

c.) Click PSAT scores

d.) Your access code may not be needed. If you need an access code, you can find it in Naviance under About Me, listed as your “Nickname.”


  1. You DID NOT create a College Board account before taking the PSAT in October 2019.

a.) Go to College Board website

b.) Click PSAT/NMSQT

c.) Click “Sign Up”

d.) Follow the prompts

e.) Access Code will be necessary – you can find this in Naviance under About Me, listed as your “Nickname.”


You have now created an account and should be able to view and print your detailed scores. Some students have reported a delay in retrieving scores after initially creating an account. If you cannot see scores right away, log out, wait a couple of hours and then try again.

Below is a link to a video that explains how to interpret your test results and how to link your results to Khan Academy for a personalized study guide for future PSAT and SAT tests.

A hard copy of scores will mailed to the school in a couple of weeks. This copy will go into your cumulative folder. If you want a hard copy, College Board expects that you will log into your account and print one using the steps above.

If you have problems accessing scores, your best reference for questions is College Board’s Customer Service number (1-866-630-9305.)

Para obtener una guía en español para comprender los resultados de su prueba, haga clic aquí.