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Update on transcript requests

We’re so excited to see so many seniors getting an early start on their college applications! But we kindly ask you to please, please, please stop requesting “official” transcripts through School Cash Online. Seniors should wait to order “official” transcripts until after attending the CCC’s senior orientation during the first few weeks of school when they will learn how to request transcripts through Naviance.

Here’s why: “Official” transcripts are sent electronically in mid-September. We realize that some schools emphasize the importance of submitting early (we’re looking at you, A&M**); however, schools must see senior class schedules on transcripts in order to evaluate candidates. Senior schedules do not post to transcripts until September, which is why there is a delay.

“Unofficial” transcripts may be ordered online through School Cash Online, or, once school begins, students can stop by room 251 with $1 cash to get a printed copy.

Right now, we are also seeing many incorrect “official” transcript orders from incoming seniors coming through School Cash Online. These incorrect orders waste your money (there are no refunds for incorrect transcript orders) and delay the senior’s application.

**A&M only needs transcripts for students in the top 10%. If you were on the “bubble” for the top 10% on your last report card (and you’re worrying you won’t be in the top 10% when the mid-September rank comes out), you are one of the handful of kids who should come down to the CCC when school starts to talk about your special circumstances.