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Testing info for the schoolwide testing day on Oct. 13

The most important information this week? Upcoming testing options. Sophomores and juniors are expected/required to test on our schoolwide testing day Oct. 13. All seniors are eligible (and highly encouraged) to take a test on Wednesday, Oct. 13 during our school-wide testing day. For seniors it may be tempting to sleep-in, but knocking out the SAT or TSI can be a much better use of time!

  • SAT registration deadline for seniors is Sep. 13. To register and secure their spot for the SAT, seniors simply need to pay for the $36 item in their School Cash Online account by Sep. 13. All seniors will pay to take the test. After the testing date, those who took the test and qualified will have their testing fee refunded.
  • TSI registration deadline is Oct. 4. Alternatively, seniors planning to enroll at community college or trade school may wish to register for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI/TSIA), a test used in determining college placement for students not exempted through SAT or ACT scores. Seniors should register for the TSI by completing this Google form by Oct. 4
  • ASVAB interest survey by Oct. 4. Juniors and seniors interested in taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to gain greater insight into their aptitudes in preparation to join the civilian workforce or military enlistment should complete this Google form by Oct. 4. The interest survey will assist us in scheduling.
  • PSAT. The PSAT is only available to sophomores and juniors. All 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT test on Wednesday, Oct. 13. There is no need to sign up/register.

This information (along with other school information) was originally published in the Sep . 3 edition of Highlander Happenings and in the 09.03.2021 CCC Newsletter.