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New campus communications: Highlander Happenings (Nov. 15 – Dec. 4) and 11.12.2021 CCC Newsletters

Highlander Happenings

The most recent Highlander Happenings released today. Read it here:

11.12.2021 CCC Newsletters

There are also two CCC Newsletters available this week: one for SENIORS & another for everyone else!

In the 11.12.2021 CCC Newsletter (Senior edition):

  • Answers to Seniors’ Frequently Asked Questions
  • TSI Retesting
  • Generation Texas week: Nov. 15 – 19
  • College Visits
  • Scholarship information

In the 11.12.2021 CCC Newsletter (Junior & Sophomore edition):

  • Dual Credit Information Session
  • Planning your future
    • A comprehensive timeline for college application preparation
  • Scholarships
  • Generation Texas week: Nov. 15 – 19

Generation texas week: Nov. 15 – 19

Next week is Generation Texas Week, a state-wide initiative that emphasizes the importance of planning for life after high school. Here’s our schedule:

Monday, Nov. 15: Mind and Money Monday

  • Seniors: Report your completed FAFSA/TASFA or complete your digital opt-out form! Then look for some scholarships.
  • 9th – 11th: Take a personality or career aptitude quiz (I like “Career Cluster Finder” best) in Naviance (log in through your SSO).

Tuesday, Nov. 16: “Back to Your Future” Day

  • Wear a college shirt & ask TWHS faculty, your folks, and your older friends to tell you about their college experiences!

Wednesday, Nov. 17: Plan a pathway

  • Complete a short survey during Advisory
  • Juniors and seniors can visit with Lone Star Honors College in the CCC at 9 am (register on Naviance)
  • Army recruiter Staff Sgt. Javier Veliz will be on campus during all lunches (with chin up bars!)

Thursday, Nov. 18: Dream big

  • Dress up according to your childhood career aspirations (Stop by the CCC in 251 to show off your awesome ballerina/astronaut and firefighter/train conductor combos!)

Friday, Nov. 16: Gratitude and the Greater Good

  • As we gear up the holidays, we encourage every student and faculty member at TWHS to share gratitude for one another by submitting a TAE or SAE. After all, we are on this educational journey together. Let’s celebrate each other!