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Transcripts (summer 2022 information)

Class of 2022 (recent TWHS graduates)

  • Final transcripts are verified and have been released effective June 13, 2022.
    • If you completed your Naviance Senior Survey and indicated where we should send your final transcript, you can expect your admissions portal to be updated by July 1 (it can take 10 business days for the universities to update the portals). If your portal has NOT been updated by July 1, please reach out to Grade Level Office at 936-709-1473 and we can double check that it has been requested and sent.
    • If you have NOT ordered your final transcript, please log into Naviance and complete your senior survey, which asks where you would like your transcript sent.
    • Dual credit students must request Lone Star transcripts at
    • After July 15th please contact the College & Career Center for instructions on requesting the final transcript.
    • Starting September 1st former students must order their transcripts as alumni through Parchment.
  • We have had many students reach out this week requesting transcripts for orientation/registration, so I want to clarify that colleges waive the final transcript “requirement” for first semester registration. If you have questions about that, you should reach out to your university’s admissions department!

Class of 2023 (rising seniors)

  • Class of 2022 final transcripts have priority, so hang tight!
    • Best practice for most students? Wait for senior schedules to be added before sending your transcripts to the colleges where you’re applying. Why wait? Senior course selection factors into college decisions.
      • There are five or so “cusp” kids who are an exception. If you’re one of them, look for an email from the CCC as school begins or drop by room 251 the first week of school for instructions.
Note: During summer our office runs on a skeleton crew, which means transcript turnaround times are slower than during the school year. Please give staff at least a week to process requests before following up. We appreciate your patience.