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UIL Academics

UIL Academic Events

Practices will vary based on event.  Coaches are listed as follows, or contact UIL academic coordinator Ms. Laura Landsbaum in room 119 on the senior campus for more details.

Accounting:  Mrs. Filer

Calculator Applications/Number Sense/Math:  Mrs. Tiffini Johnson

Computer Science:  Mr. Stephen Smith

Current Issues/Social Studies:  Mr. James Rowland

Debate:  Mr. Colin Gill

Journalism Events:  Ms. Landsbaum

Literary Criticism:  Ms. Alice Herrin

One-Act Play:  Ms. Tammy McClanahan

Poetry and Prose:  Ms. Heather Limmer

Ready Writing:  Mr. RJ Feudo

Science:  Ms. Lauren Hamel

Spelling:  Mrs. Mary Ann Widman