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Career and Technical

Mission & Courses

The mission of Career & Technical Education is to give students an opportunity to develop skills and a knowledge base which will allow them to be successful in a technological, competitive, and dynamic 21st century global economy while also preparing them for post-secondary education.

CTE Course Offerings 2017_2018PDFpdf


Broyles, Christine, 9th Grade Business

Filer, Marjorie Business

Ford, Kimberly Agriculture

Garcia, Eliseo Architecture

Gartner, Kristen Arts/AV

Gourley, Kelly Marketing

Guldo, JoAnn 9th Grade Information Technology / Arts & AV

Gutknecht, Patricia Business Info Management

Hobbs, Jennifer Arts/AV

Hoover, Lillian Hospitality & Tourism

Meyer, Pamela Arts/AV & Career Prep

Miller, Kendra Business / Marketing

Nightser, Robert STEM

Padgett, Pamela Health Occupations

Pelosi, Julie Arts/AV

Reed, Dale Business

Rogers, Aaron Agriculture

Spence, Karin Education & Training/ Interior Design

Theriot, Candace Education & Training

Thomas, Margaret 9th Hospitality & Tourism

Wells, John Information Technology

Wright, Amy Agriculture