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TWHS Senior Campus Clinic Staff

We are available in the clinic from 7:00-3:00 on school days.  Our direct phone number is 936-709-1209, and our direct fax number is 936-709-9210.

School Health Information

Important Medical Forms

For students with chronic medical conditions that may need to be managed or treated at school, doctor’s orders must be renewed at the beginning of each school year, with new orders turned in to the clinic and/or athletic trainers (if the student is in an activity that requires an annual physical).

All medications must be signed in by a parent or guardian, and a Medication Permission Form must be completed for each medication that will be administered at school.


All students who enroll in a Conroe ISD school must be considered up to date on vaccines at the time of enrollment, or submit an original, notarized Conscientious Objector affidavit that is obtained from the state.  These must be renewed every two years, and you may order up to five copies at one time.  It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to provide the clinic with a new affidavit when it is time for renewal.

Please see below for current Texas vaccine requirements, as well as the link to order Conscientious Objector affidavits.

7-12th Required Immunization Checklist 2024-2025 pdf