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AP Calculus AB/BC

AP Calculus AB/BC: Summer 2021 Prep for Fall 2022

Please complete all work in this packet and have it ready to be turned in to your Calculus teacher by the third day of classes. SHOW ALL WORK! An answer alone without work may result in no credit given. A CALCULATOR is NOT to be used while working on this packet.

The problems in this packet are designed to help you review topics that are important to your success in Calculus. The problems must be done correctly, not just “tried.” Use your notes from previous math courses to help you, or you may visit the following websites for help:

We will review these topics during the first two weeks of school. There will then be a quiz covering these topics at the end of the second week. (An assignment sheet will be given on the first day of school with these dates on it.) For those that miss any of the review days, you will still be required to take the quiz because the topics are review from previous classes. We also will be giving a timed basic trig values quiz on the second day of class, so be prepared for that – know your trig values from special rights!
Calculus is relatively easy, it’s the algebra that is difficult. Most of the time, you will understand the calculus concept being taught, but will struggle to get the correct answers because of your background skills. Please be diligent and figure out what you need help with so that we can clarify for you.

A little extra work this summer will go a long way to help you succeed in AP Calculus!

Print out a copy of the packet from this website: Link To Packetpdf

Work on it continuously throughout the summer (a page a week). DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS TO WORK ON THIS!!!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the fall for an amazing year of Calculus with lots of HIGH FIVES!!! We think you will find this course challenging but enjoyable at the same time!

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in the fall,
Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Frazee, & Mrs. Tatum