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AP Chemistry

2022 AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

Future AP Chemistry Student,

Welcome to AP Chemistry. I am eagerly anticipating a great year of Chemistry. In order to ensure the best start for everyone next fall, I have prepared a summer assignment that reviews basic chemistry concepts. There is a multitude of tremendous chemistry resources are available via the Internet. With the ready access to hundreds of websites either in your home or at the local library, I am confident that you will have sufficient resources to prepare adequately for the fall semester. The reference text book as part of AP course is “Chemistry” by Zumdahl/Zumdahl.

Much of the material in this summer packet will be familiar to you. It will be important for everyone to come to class the first day prepared. While I review, extensive remediation is not an option as we work towards our goal of being 100% prepared for the AP Exam in early May. There will be a test covering the basic concepts included in the summer packet during the first or second week of school.

Click Here To Download The Packetpdf

You may contact me by email: ( this summer. I will do my best to answer your questions ASAP.

I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year of chemistry. You are all certainly fine students, and with plenty of motivation and hard work you should find AP Chemistry a successful and rewarding experience.

Finally, I recommend that you spread out the summer assignment. Please do not try to complete it all in the final week of the summer. Chemistry takes time to process and grasp at a level necessary for success in AP Chemistry. Remember, AP Chemistry is an equivalent course to Introductory Chemistry in college. Taking a college level course in high school is difficult, requires dedication, and is a great investment in your education so prepare yourself and arrive ready to learn.

Have a great summer and enjoy the chemistry.

Mrs. Champagne